|| LEAD-FREE || Stained Glass for our sacred spaces | For all the COLOR, ENERGY & LIGHT our lives need ||

hello! My name is Ash. <3

For nearly a decade I had dabbled in a plethora of mediums in search of THE ONE. 30 minutes into my first introductory stained glass course I said to myself (eyes wide) "THIS. IS. IT.". I FOUND her. Or me. Or it. ... basically everything my eager heart had ever dreamt of.

Stained Glass is challenging and intricate. Variety is the spice with its many steps, and gratification sticks around through them all. The COLOR, the Tetris, the mixed mediums and the light. Stained Glass is delicate, finite, and yet... I get to use a soldering iron and break glass? What a fine combination of soft and hard, "feminine" and "masculine". This ancient craft has stolen my heart!

Through all of its perfection, however, I saw a window for growth and improvement - lead-FREE. My work is made with nickel and tin solder and copper or brass came - not a shred of lead in sight, making these modern additions to your home or garden safer, healthier and just that much more beautiful.

I hope my work warms your sacred spaces, fills your homes with soft reflections and dances around your garden in the high afternoon sun.

From the bottom of my heart and depth of my journey, I bring to you:
m o x i e . B L O O M.

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